All the World's a Stage

All the World's a Stage

All the World's a StageAll the World's a StageAll the World's a Stage

~William Shakespeare

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Hello All! This is Mark A. Marple, Theatre Director of Lincoln High School. Because of the Pandemic, we are going totally with Online Courses! Each student in Theatre and Film has an assigned email and access to Focus and Microsoft Teams. If you have any problems getting into these programs please send me a message and I can send you links and videos that will help you!

My Office Hours online! Of course you can always email me:

We will see this through and come out stronger! Stay safe!

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James and the Giant Peach!

 James and The Giant Peach is a funny children's musical that is guaranteed to bring laughter and a great time to all that attend. The show includes animated backdrops and audience participation that will captivate not only the children but the adults too! The School matinees include a McDonald's meal (4 chicken nuggets, apple slices, a cookie, and a water. A vegetarian option includes a salad and a water) with every ticket. Can't wait to see you there! 

Order Tickets online at:


Our Fall Show: "Heaven Can Wait" by Harry Segall

This hilarious show written by Harry Segall took place this past November and it touched the hearts of all that came to see it. Thank you to everyone who came and supported Lincoln Theater and the cast. We are so proud of all the hard work that went into this production and we cant wait to get started on our spring children's show, "James and the Giant Peach" by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. 

"Heaven Can Wait" by Harry Segall



Mr. Jordan is checking passengers who are to depart in an airplane for the Hereafter. The routine is interrupted by the arrival of Joe Pendleton, an attractive prizefighter, who refuses to admit he is dead and induces Jordan to look up the "records," which reveal that Joe is not scheduled to arrive for another 60 years! But, as Joe starts to return to earth to continue his fighting, word reaches Heaven that Max Levene, Joe's manager, thinking he had been killed, had Joe's body cremated, and Joe has no body to return to. Jordan promises to find Joe another body and is informed that the wealthy Jonathan Farnsworth is about to be murdered by his wife. So Joe suddenly finds himself in the home of the financier, visible as Joe to the audience but apparently as Farnsworth to Mrs. Farnsworth, and the public. The comedy begins when the pompous "Farnsworth" unaccountably goes into training as a fighter. In addition, "Farnsworth" decides to share his wealth and right the wrong "he" did to charming Bette Logan's father. Bette, having despised Farnsworth, finds herself falling in love with him and he with her. Just as Joe (still in Farnsworth's body) is about to get a chance to become a fighter, Jordan reports that Farnsworth does not approve of Joe's treatment of his body (and money) and is raising a fuss to have it back. While deciding on another body for Joe, Jordan receives a flash that K.O. Murdock, the champion, has been mysteriously shot. As K.O. is about to be counted out Jordan transfers Joe's spirit into the body of K.O. in time to have K.O. remain champ. There are still problems to be straightened out when Joe really becomes Murdock and loses memory of his previous existence—including Bette. Fortunately they meet and fall in love again—and Mr. Jordan is free to head for the Hereafter, his earthly task accomplished.

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About Our Venue

Our beautiful Lincoln Theatre holds 567 people, and is home to many organizations and school events. It is the perfect place to experience the arts and to expand your horizons. 


A Variety of Events

Musicals, Plays, Choral concerts and Band Performances all are held at the Lincoln Theatre. Additionally, organizations book this space for ballets, concerts, and meetings. 


Private Events

From bus driver meetings to church services, book our Theatre for your private events! 

Theatre Fundraiser!

Over 100 students at Lincoln High School in the culinary and theatre department worked hard to make delicious homemade peach jam!  If you're interested in buying any jam, or making a donation, contact us!